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The Importance of Clear Communication

There are numerous reasons for clear communication, which I'm sure you are well aware of. In the following article we will focus on the importance of clear communication in relations.

Let's see what clear communication does:

# 1 It avoids hurt: One reason to want to clearly communicate is to avoid hurt. In a relationship it is for example important to be clear about what it is you want to commit yourself to and communicate that, rather than promoting beautiful things that might never happen.

# 2 It promotes happiness: Knowing about what is happening as it has been clearly discussed usually makes people feel happy, content and at ease.

# 3 It supports trust: Clear communication supports your ability to trust the communicator and his or her message. Remember a past partner who never did really tell you when they are going to meet up with you next – you probably did not develop a trusting relationship.

# 4 it avoids misunderstanding: Clear communication also means avoiding misunderstandings which might lead to disappointment or other negative feelings. In a business relationship one misunderstanding might mean that the deal fails.

# 5 It contributes to the longevity of the relationship: When communication is poor over lengthy periods of time the relationship will inevitably suffer. Learning to communicate clearly will keep the relationship healthy and alive.

# 6 It helps you understand: Even if your culture and language might be different from that of your partner, trying to communicate clearly will help you understand each other. In business relations with another culture it might be advisable to have a translator to make sure you understand the subtleties of meaning.

# 7 It supports resolution: in my work with couples it shows that learning to communicate clearly facilitates resolutions and resolves issues.

# 8 It reduces anxiety and stress: Parents who are able to clearly communicate with their children on an adequate age level will significantly reduce their own and their children's stress and anxiety. Children are looking for clear guidelines that they can follow as they have understood them.

# 9 It relaxes you: When you know what is going to happen you are usually more relaxed. Imagine the last time you took part in a workshop at work and the leader clearly explained what is going to happen – that is when you are more likely to be relaxed and attentive than wondering what is going to happen next.

# 10 It is one of the keys to a successful relationship: In intimate relationship we want to make each other happy – at least in the beginning. Clear communication will be an important factor in that as we can see in all the points mentioned above.

Having said all that it is important to note that clear communication in itself means different things to different people. Be mindful not to confuse your way with your partner's way of clearly communicating. Start by discussing 'What does clear communication mean to you?'

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