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Pros and Cons of Self Hosted WordPress

WordPress came into existence in the year 2003 as an effective blogging platform. Self hosted blogs use WordPress and there are millions of websites that use this system. WordPress is freely downloadable software, through which you can modify your site according to your requirement. The major advantage of using WordPress is that you can host it on your own. You are also free to choose the custom domain name instead of subdomain names. This source is mainly used for content management system and blogging purposes. If you are using WordPress, then definitely you must know the pros and cons of it.


* With WordPress you can create a visually good, well built and easy to navigate websites. This is a free to use software best for content management. With WordPress you can use static and dynamic pages easily. WordPress allows you to modify or alter technical effects in your website easily and on your own.

* The main advantage and backbone of WordPress is pulgins. Plugins can be used effectively by the customers to customize the performance of their blogs.

* Upgrading is easy with the WordPress. You just need to click a button to upgrade the software.

* WordPress offers excellent themes giving pleasant looking and easy navigation to your blog. WordPress offers multiple themes and you can download it from their site according to the category you require.

* With the use of CSS files, you can create your own design according to your requirement.

* WordPress are SEO friendly and by installing it in your website, you are sure to improve ranking.


WordPress impose lots of restriction on advertising and sales. So, using WordPress you can not create traffic to third party websites. So, your sales target is reduced here.

WordPress is not highly suitable for e-commerce businesses as the CMS is not secured. WordPress is supported by PHP; since you need to take the help of paid service provider. Even, if WordPress is supported by any of the free service provider, it is necessary and compulsory for you to purchase a domain name. So, even though it is free, you need to spend some amount to market your product. This software is not good for reading e-books. WordPress can not be used for large websites that has hundreds of pages.


WordPress is suitable for small online business and other freelancers who use this software as a light CMS. Business person who wants to run online business with less cost can use WordPress.

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