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WordPress Installation With cPanel

One-click installation is the quickest and easiest way to get WordPress up and running on your website. For this you will need a hosting provider that offers cPanel web based management software. If your host does not provide you with cPanel, you will need to look at Manual WordPress Installation.

Here is a step-by-step to install WordPress with cPanel

1. Log into your cPanel account and look for a Fantastico Icon (Smiley Face) and click on it

2. In Fantastico Navigation Menu click WordPress

3. Choose New Installation

4. Choose on which Domain you wish to Install WordPress. Unless you have subdomain, there should only be one Domain (www.yourdomain.com). If you have Subdomains registered, then you just choose the one you wish to Install WordPress on. Install in directory – leave empty without you already have WordPress installed on your domain and you want to add a new WordPress directory, for example www.yourdomain.com/blog, just enter blog in the empty space without the "/". Admin access data – these are you log in details. Base configuration – Choose your admin nickname, e-mail address, site name, description of your site and now Install WordPress.

5. Finish Installation. Fantastico will create a new new database for you and create the necessary WordPress files.

6. In case you did not write down the admin details, fill in your e-mail address and the details of the WordPress Installation will be e -ailed to you.

7. Go to your Domain. You should have your WordPress Installed now with a default WordPress theme.

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