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Three Killer Tips to Blog for Money

To blog for money is not a new concept at all. There are so many examples where people have started blogs and made an absolute killing with them. These individuals never thought that they were going to blog for money, but their blogs just shot into hyperspace, on the viral blast off launching pad. Take Perez Hilton for instance, he never thought he would blog for money, he just started his blog, for all his friends and family, and before he new, he was getting a lot of visitors to his blog. Literally over night.

Lucky, very lucky. Not all of us are going to be as lucky as Perez Hilton, not all of us are so outrageous and outspoken, but if you follow these three killer steps you will be on your way to blog for money.

1. What do you write about? You want to make money with this blog! If we all relied on luck to make our living, we would spin a web like a spider, and sit and wait to get lucky. You do not want to re-invent the wheel here. Writing about your daily life is definitely not going to make you any money! Do some research and find out what other people are doing to blog for money, out there in cyberspace. You might even find something that you like, or that you are interested in already. If other people are making money with it, then you can also take a slice of the action. To blog for money is a science, there are a lot of aspects to blogging. Blasting out blog posts every day without a method, or some keyword research, is going to leave your blog out there, like an island completely isolated, and no traffic, means no money.

2. Getting a blog is just not going to cut it! There are thousands of people out there that are in the game, to blog for money. To make extra money with a blog you have to host the blog yourself. In this era of cutting edge technology to keep up with the game, you need to use the WordPress platform. I'm not talking about the free WordPress platform, but the platform that you can install on your self hosted domain. If you are blogging for fun, for your grandma, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend and your cat, then by all means, get yourself a blog, and write to your heart's content. However, you want to blog for money here. There are very good reasons for getting a self hosted blog. One word, plug-ins. WordPress comes with a feature that allows to fit various plug-ins to your blog. This kind of technology not only saves you time in promoting your blog, but also helps with search engine visibility, getting your posts indexed, the list goes on and on. You simply can not go without it!

3. If you would like to blog for money, consistency is the key . To start off, you probably would not quit your job to do it, not that blogging for money does not have the ability to tell your boss off, or as the saying on the inter-web goes, to fire your boss! It is very important to do it every day though, in your lunch hour or after work, but if you want to blog for money you have to write one post, every day. Blogging is one of the greatest ways to make a great income from home! You should be really exited, because if you do it right, and you are consistent, you are on your way to living a life of total freedom, working when and where you want.

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