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Make My Own Website – The Easiest Way to Make Your Website Connected to the Social Sites

Social networking and media sites have forever changed the face of not just keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, but marketing as well. Here is how to profit from it using your WordPress-powered website.

In recent years, companies that are selling products or services, as well as bloggers and webmasters, have seen the rise of social networking and decided to use it to their advantage. Today, millions of internet users from around the world log on to various social networking and media sites, enabling them to be connected with personal contacts and business information alike.

If you have ever thought how nice it would be to link your website or blog to your social networking page, or spend extra time transfering information from your blog source to your networking site, then you should consider installing the WordPress plugin Sociable.

Sociable links your page to the social networking sites of your choice, allowing your readers to easily share the information located in your blog at the touch of button, sharing your content with hundreds, thousands, possibly even millions more people!

The WordPress plugin Sociable works by adding one or multiple XHTML compliant graphics at the end of your content or blog page that a reader can click on to share your information with their social network. This XHTML compliant graphic comes in the form of the various social network or social media website's logo.

For instance, for users that want to share your information via Facebook, they will simply click the Facebook logo icon. The Sociable plugin is offered by BlogPlay and boasts the ability to be used not just with WordPress, but with Blogger sites as well.

Sociable can link your data to one or all of the 99 available social networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Digg, BlinkList, and StumbleUpon, to name a few. With over 500,000 downloads by users all over the globe, you can be assured that Sociable is a trusted and worthy addition to your blog or website.

Please note that in order to install and use Sociable, you need to have WordPress version 2.6 or above installed. If you are currently using and older version of WordPress, be sure to install the latest one available for maximum functionality.

If you are looking for a fast, hassle-free, and effortless way to broadcast your information with an exponential amount of people around the world, definitely considering downloading the WordPress plugin Sociable.

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