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Using The WordPress CMS As a Website Prototyping Tool

WordPress first launched as predominately a CMS to be used in creating blogs. Now, highly popular, it's intuitive management control panel makes it appealing to use for quickly populating the content of many kinds of website.

WordPress is now well known in two forms – both as an online, hosted platform for creating blogs and as an open source Content Management System (CMS). While the hosted platform does not allow for much customization, their downloadable server-side software is gaining popularity as an easily customizable solution for many websites.

As with most CMS software, it is divided into the administrator's backend control panel for managing content and a theme-based front-end for displaying the content and interacting with users. With both parts of the WordPress system being very flexible, it can be an ideal solution for prototyping new websites.

When creating a new content-rich website, static HTML based development is almost a thing of the past. For individuals new to web development, some may opt for web-hosted site building platforms while others will hire a professional web development company. Most development companies should now be building websites using a CMS to allow clients to modify their sites easily. For low-scale clients' projects, creating a purpose-built CMS from scratch can exceed the client's budget. This is where WordPress becomes ideal as a free, customizable CMS, allowing developers to easily tailor the front-end theme to the client's design. Little changes are needed to the back-end control panel to allow the client instant management of all their site's content.

While such a solution will not be a perfect fit for every type of website, in the initial prototyping stage it is ideal for getting a website functional and ready to launch. If the client is satisfied with the front-end usability and chooses to launch as is, the whole system can be migrated to a custom solution once the site has gained popularity and possibly become profitable.

If you are a developer with low-budget clients who require an easy to manage website, WordPress may have the needs of both your client and yourself.

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