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Top Five Ways to Reduce Costs and Improve Profits

It's time to work smarter, not harder. Save thousands of dollars each year by using these techniques.

Here are five proven techniques for small business owners to immediately use to reduce costs and increase sales. It's a win-win for creating your own economic stimulus.

1. Toll Free Number

Does Your Company Have A Toll Free Number? Yes, that is great. No, get one. Toll free numbers encourage people to pick up the phone and call. I encourage all small business owners if you live in a large metropolitan city with multiple area codes, this will help break down barriers and get more locals calling. The cost of toll free numbers is dirt cheap.

2. Electronic Fax

What if you could receive faxes when you were away from your office? Subscribe to an efax service and get faxes delivered to your email box as a PDF attachment. Receiving faxes electronically also helps you easily transfer documents to file folders for easy document storage and recovery. If you have an email enabled cell phone, you are immediately alerted to receipt of the document.

3. Logo

Have a word-based logo created to start branding your company. The simpler the better. Use this logo on all of your company marketing materials: flyers, business cards, capacity statements (those are 1 page company resumes), and of course your website.

4. Goodbye Complex, Expensive Websites, Hello WordPress Blogs

Get the easiest website to create and maintain, while helping to promote your company with a search-engine friendly format to naturally rank high in the search engines. Low-cost hosting combined with beautiful free WordPress templates make it easy to build and promote your company brand. The WordPress blog websites deliver with increased visibility on Google, Yahoo, and Bing searches.

5. Get Free Government Help Growing Your Business

There are two government agencies providing help to small business owners: The Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Department of Defense (DoD). The SBA offers local and regional support through counseling programs (SCORE), hosted briefings with prime contractors and government agencies (like NASA, Department of Treasury, Department of Homeland Security), small business loans and free government bid matching services. Your tax dollars have already paid for these services, take advantage of them today. You may also want to check out local, state and federal certificates. Most are free, but time consuming, co check our free and fee-based services to prepare your certification information for you.

Now you have read about the five techniques, visit my website to download a free special report on specific products we use and recommend.

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