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I Need A Logo Design

You have just finished your business plan for your new organization. You have determined your target market and now you are ready to sell your product or service. The next step is to have a logo design created for your organization. You need a logo design to represent your product or service. The logo should be unique, standout, and most important, memorable. But, who will create this logo, and where do you go to have it created?

Like most new business owners that turn to the internet, but where do you start? In this article I will tell you where the best resources are to the perfect logo for your organization.

"SitePoint ( http://www.sitepoint.com ) contests create a win-win situation for organizations seeking design talent, and designers looking for exciting projects," said SitePoint CEO and Co-founder Mark Harbottle today. "The fact that nearly a quarter of a million dollars has been offered in prize money in the Contests' first three months online reflects the value of this service to contest holders and designers alike."

RentACoder ( http://www.rentacoder.com ) projects can be a benefit to a new business owner that may have a low budget. Designers all over the world bid on submitted projects in hope that a project owner chooses them. Normally the designer who offers the lowest bid price usually wins the project. The draw back from this may be lack of service or quality because of low prices.

LogoAuction ( http://www.logoauction.net ) is a fairly new way to purchase logos and its popularity is increasing by the day. Designers post their designs for sell, and business owners can place bids or buy logo designs that are high quality and that are within the buyer's price range. This service also creates a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. Designers can sell their designs for what they are worth, and business owners can get a unique and quality design.

Being a new business owner or organization, your logo design is one of the most important elements to your product or services. Reviewing all of these resources may help you with your search for the perfect logo design.

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