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Promotional Gifts – How to Choose the Perfect Gift For Your Potential Client!

It's easy for a business to get lost in the crowd- With millions of businesses out there all competing for clientele, you have to find a way to make your company stand out from the rest. Whether prospective clients are visiting your location or stopping by your booth at a trade show, they actually do not want to hear your song and dance about how you're the best in the business. So how do you keep them interested and make them remember you? Easy. Give out Promotional Gifts!

While deciding to give out Promotional Gifts is easy, picking what item to give can be overwhelming! There are hundreds of products to choose from, so here are a few things you should keep in mind before you order ten thousand pens with your name on them …

1. The first question you'll want to ask yourself is 'who is my potential client' and 'what product are they most interested in.' The more you target the specific needs of your potential buyer, the better your Promotional Gift will be received. Be aware of the age group and economic bracket of your target client. Promotional pens have always been the most popular, and in many cases work. However, younger people tend to be more receptive to a flashy pen with a cool logo on the side than a very wealthy CEO who only writes with expensive, classy pens.

2. The next thing to consider is if the potential buyer is interested in your company as a shareholder. If so, a lifestyle gift is generally more appropriate. As in golf balls or tees, small appliances or computer accessories.

3. If you know what specific item or service your potential buyer may be interested in, that can be a big help. Use that knowledge to try and find a Promotional Gift item that directly relates to the product they are coming to you for. In other words, give them something you know they will use and appreciate, and of course have your company logo and slogan conveniently placed on it too!

4. Another thing you want to keep in mind is how much money your potential client will be spending with you. If they plan to spend several thousand dollars on your services, giving them a plastic keychain with your name on it sees unfitting. With big spending clients, you want to give a Promotional Gift that fits how much they have invested in you, such as a cappuccino maker for their office, a nice golf bag for them to enjoy on days off, maybe a gift of wine, or a laptop backpack …

The best way to make your promotional gifts work for you is to know when and how to distribute them. While larger gifts are appropriate for potentially larger clients and current clients, smaller gifts are very fitting at trade shows, or as free gifts with online purchases, for referring a friend, or for signing up on a mailing list. Items such as golf towels, mugs, hats, and t-shirts can generally be purchased at a reliably low cost but will be well received by a buyer. There are hundreds of items to choose from, so no matter what your business, you can find something right for you. A Promotional Gift will keep your company on your clients' mind. They will naturally think of you every time they use the product, so the next time they need your services, you'll be the first one they think of!

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