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Features of a Professional Website Design

A website is your identity on the web. It is your window to the world and their window into your business. It is the channel through which people access your business and form their first and last impression of you. No wonder you can find a website for every business and individual enterprise worth its name.

You may describe your website as your online presence. It says a lot about you and goes a long way to creating the critical first impression about you and your business. That is why it is important to get yourself a highly professional website design.

Some of the most important features of a professional web site designed are:

Easy on the eyes: The first impact a website has is on the eyes of the viewer. So it is important for a website to look pleasant. The choice of colors, images and media should be such that viewers find it easy to read and understand the material on your web site. The judicious use of white space, appropriate graphics and different page elements make the page easy to view and fast to load.

Comfortable navigation: Many websites make the mistake of leaving sequential navigation to the imagination of the viewer. They take it for granted that the visitor will know which link is to be clicked next, and so on. On the contrary, research shows that the average visitor is sufficient content to be led by the hand, as it was, from page to page. Easy, obvious and clear navigation is the soul of a professional website design. It is equally important to do away with dead links, if any. Links that do not work and lead now can give your visitor the impression of carelessness and lack of professionalism.

Quick downloads: Without the data you offer can make them a thousand dollars, most visitors to a website do not have the time or the inclining to wait for lengthy downloads. Heavy graphics, video and unnecessary sounds add to the download time of your web page. If visitors are made to wait too long for a page to download, they are likely to click away from your page.

Appropriate, intuitive designs: Professional websites are not about looking beautiful. In fact, a web designer is neither a Rembrandt nor a Van Gogh. A good website design is all about designing an effective web experience for your visitors. The website should speak for itself and it should speak in a language that the visitor can understand. It should be in keeping with the company's services and must provide the visitor with sufficient tools to make maximum use of what is provided in the website.

SEO: These days, search engines are the lifeblood of any website. Professional website design is custom-made to woo top search engines. The appropriate use of meta tags, title tags, links, content and images will help you peg the top spot in search engine rankings. Greater visibility through search engines will bring you more visitors. That is why SEO is a critical and vital part of your marketing strategy.

As you can see, professional website designs incorporated a large number of integrated technologies. To be effective, a design should be at once attractive, sophisticated, technically sound and quick to download. Only such a website can bring you the kind of web exposure you desire.

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