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How to Display Location Info on Gmap in Drupal

How to use Drupal Gmap and Location modules

Let's take our Drupal theme ST Pipe (see the resource) as an example. Basically it is a restaurant review website. It shows restaurant information such as images, contact details and a Gmap block to show directions to the location. Very nice way to make the content more appealing to users.

The following section is how we implement this feature in Drupal.

1. Download Drupal GMap and Drupal Location modules.
2. Go to admin / build / modules page, enable Location, Gmap, and Gmap Location.
3. Go to admin / settings / location, enable "Display of Locations", and check "Use a Google Map".
4. Go to Google Code (see the resource) and get an API key for your URL.
5. Back to admin / settings / gmap, paste in your API key, scroll to the bottom of the form, and save the configuration. (You must do this before the other configuration options will work.)
On the same page, set your Default Map Settings – this is for zooming, marker or etc. You can ignore it for now.
6. Go to admin / settings / gmap_location and adjust the settings for your user and node maps. If you're not going to use one or the other, just ignore it.
7. Go to admin / user / permissions and set the permissions for the gmap_location and location modules.
8. Go to admin / content / types, edit each content type that you want to show location information, and turn on the Locative Information settings.
9. Edit or create a new node of a type that you want to set location. Under Location, click on the map to add a marker. Pick up and drop the marker repeatedly to zoom in so you can place it more precisely. (This is a lot quicker than zooming and panning)
10. Go to admin / build / block, assign Location map block into Content region. In ST Pipe, we assign it into "Node Location" region.

This is done. Hope you have a great time with Drupal Gmap and Location modules.

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